What does a recruitment agency really do for me?

What does a recruitment agency really do for me?

We regularly talk to clients and candidates with pre-conceived ideas of what an agency does often resigned to the fact that having tried everything else to try and recruit a candidate, or having searched all the usual media to find a job – end up talking to a recruitment agent as a some what last resort.

It is fair to say, I understand the frustration and spend a lot of my time reassuring practices and candidates alike, that all is not lost.

As a principal of a practice, you’re likely to have spent your money placing an advert, your evenings reviewing countless CVs only to realise that there isn’t a single candidate worth interviewing. Recruitment can prove not only frustrating, but hugely time consuming.

Likewise as an enthusiastic, driven job-seeker, you can spend countless hours looking through the hundreds of adverts out there (many of which are out of date) only to find the same old jobs advertised again and again, or nothing in the locations you are keen to work in.

Now, we certainly wouldn’t profess to being able to solve everyone’s recruitment problems, but where recruitment agencies can offer a genuinely valuable service is giving you some of your time back.

If we’re marketing your job, we’ll advertise across a multitude of different media as well as to our extensive database of candidates and when we do send a CV, you should expect each candidate to be worthy of consideration.

Over 40% of the people we place in jobs, were not actively looking for a new post when we made contact with them about a new opportunity and frequently the very best jobs we have on our books don’t even get advertised. They are simply filled from contacts within our existing network, or from our CV database.

Fascinating opportunities like a Locum in the Cayman Islands or a stint in the Falklands or even a specialist role in London’s Harley Street district might not be for everyone, but interesting and varied opportunities come across our desk daily and you’d need to be registered with us or be part of our social media networks on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ to be updated on some of the terrific jobs we get to recruit for.

We would be delighted to connect there so do join us and let us help get your workload to achieve a better work life balance for you.