How to secure my dream dental job

  At present there sometimes seems to be a surfeit of dental jobs out there but the market for choice dental associate jobs is becoming very competitive. Many young dentists aspire to work in the private sector and we are often asked for advice on how to be able to compete for these types of positions. Jan Clarke BDS is a Business Mentor/Coach with Rose & Co and was a Practice Principal for 17 years. We asked Jan for some pointers on what Principals might be looking for when comparing CVs or throughout the recruitment and interview process:-   Keep up to date with CPD and not just core CPD, you should start to invest in yourself by attending good quality courses that show an understanding of career and self development.   Qualifications matter but are not the be all and end all. A good depth of knowledge and being able to demonstrate that, is more valuable.   With that in mind invest in some good photographic equipment and start to keep a portfolio of cases. This will help with patient education anyway, but it is no longer accepted to expect a practice to supply you with all the equipment for photography. It will be an expense you will not regret.   Join a study group. Peer review is essential for growth and development as a clinician and a dentist who can show he regularly shares his cases, successes and failures, is a dentist who can show he is learning and growing.   Find a mentor, someone you look up to and admire and ask them if they will help guide your career. Most older dentists are delighted to support younger colleagues. I know I have enjoyed seeing my young vocational trainees move on to buy their own practices or specialise in their chosen field.   Network, attend local meetings, participate in social media sites. Some of the best jobs never get to be advertised or are being discretely marketed by specialist agencies.   Get involved with your practice. An associate who helps within the practice and can be seen to be a team player will stand out. Consider taking responsibility for audit or help train the rest of the team in a new procedure you may have started. This will also help you get more out of the job you are already in. Participate!   Don’t get involved in any team gossip/politics. Team members may come to you with gripes about the “Boss”, try and help them see the problems and the solutions and encourage them to go to the Principal with solutions. A happy, proactive team is a productive team and will generate a better working environment for all. Sometimes associates forget they can help improve this and you might just learn some very useful skills for your next positions.   And of course, register your CV with a specialist recruitment agency such as Blue Sky People, so when the perfect job comes on the market you can be one of the first to be contacted about it.   We would be delighted to hear from you and discuss your employment requirements so when the time is right….   Paul