BDIA Dental Showcase 2017 – Post Show Update

Paul Holborn director of Blue Sky People Dental Recruitment at BDIA Dental Showcase 2017

Following 3 great days at the BDIA Dental Showcase, the Blue Sky People team are busy following up with candidates and clients alike this week after a good number of new enquiries and lots of interesting discussions. We met with clients across the dental sector from independent practice owners to larger group businesses as well as customers across the dental supply chain. You may well have heard but we also had current clients meeting prospective candidates on the stand throughout and both Smile Together and JDRM Dentalcare had successful meetings throughout the 3 day Showcase. Several themes emerged throughout the show (apart from the sore feet among those of us not used to standing for 3 days straight). There are fantastic business opportunities in this rapidly changing industry landscape with some highly adaptable businesses quick to realise those opportunities. There is a significant shortage of high quality staff across clinical dentistry and the dental supply chain alike. There are lots of talented clinicians and commercial staff with dental industry experience actively looking for the opportunity to optimise their talent.   During the course of the show, I met with a number of innovative, forward thinking dental businesses (practices and suppliers) all of which have identified unique and attractive opportunities for their own business. Not unsurprisingly we also met with a good number of highly talented clinical and commercially aware candidates who see lots of ongoing recruitment in the market, but who are looking for specific opportunities to enhance their careers and develop their skills. Our job is to put the two sides together – identifying those forward thinking, creative and innovative businesses with bright futures and introduce them to those talented, motivated and enthusiastic individuals who will seize the opportunity for advancement. Thank you to those of you who took the time to come and meet us to discuss your particular projects. We’re excited by the opportunity to work with you. Paul & The Team  

Business as usual post Brexit?

  Business as usual post Brexit, not quite. It’s busier than that!   Today saw a very significant business acquisition in the IT sector. One of the worlds biggest companies Hewlett Packard, has just sold off a huge chunk of their profitable software business to dynamic British business based in Berkshire – Micro Focus.   Interestingly, while this IT sector deal has little to do with the dental market in some respects, it has quite a bit to do with us in other ways.   The CEO of Micro Focus started looking at the prospect of a deal with Hewlett Packard in February 2016 and has explained their appetite to acquire an established, well respected business didn’t weaken at all –despite uncertainty surrounding Brexit.   What Micro Focus does, they do extremely well. They take established but generally lazy, minimal growth businesses with a very loyal existing customer base. Then they offer those customers, innovative and modern solutions through their already strong relationships. Offering them better solutions.   And it is here where there are some similarities with Dentistry. Well run, well managed dental businesses attract a loyal customer following. Treat your customers well, deliver beyond their expectations and you can benefit from a lifelong business relationship.   We’re already seeing our dental clients looking to expand their clinical offering, invest in up to date technology and infrastructure and grow their staff, either in numbers or simply investing in improving their skill set.       Clearly we all lost a little bit of confidence following the Brexit vote as we saw investments contract, the housing market slow and our summer holidays perhaps get a little more expensive with the drop in value of the pound. But confidence is already rebounding rapidly and that feeds right through the dental market.   As a result, we’re busier than ever. Our dental practice clients are recruiting and in doing so are looking for the very best people out there.     Similarly our clients in the dental supply chain are looking to attract key talent and strengthen their sales and development teams.   Whether you’re looking for a new opportunity with forward thinking, high growth dental practices, or looking for a fresh challenge in training, sales or customer services within dentistry, we’d be delighted to hear from you.   And if you’re still not sold and are worried about the long term consequences of Brexit, we’re still recruiting dentists for Australia!     Paul Director Blue Sky People