See you at the BDA Conference and Exhibition!

See you at the BDA Conference and Exhibition!


We’re really looking forward to this week’s BDA Conference and Exhibition – one of the key dates in the dental calendar and living in Bournemouth myself nowadays, it’s always a great excuse to get up to Manchester and meet with friends and colleagues from the profession and have some fun.


Blue Sky People have a stand (A09) throughout the 3 days of the Exhibition and we hope to talk to dentists of all experience levels throughout. We have a significant client base of over 1000 dental practices who’ve recruited through us over the years, many of which are recruiting for talented dentists right now.

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With so many jobs for associates in particular being advertised direct by independent practices and corporates alike, many dentists question the logic of working with a recruitment agency, particularly when some seem to be advertising exactly the same corporate jobs.


Here at Blue Sky People we offer a wide variety of locum and associate posts with independent practices and small groups, who often don’t market their opportunities directly due to time constraints, or because they are looking for specific skills and attributes.


Often practice owners will work direct with an agency as they expect us to do the pre-screening of candidates on their behalf. If they are looking to recruit certain skills or are looking for individuals with specific attitudes or personality traits, an agency will assess suitable applicants as they pass through the process and minimize the time that the practice owner might spend reviewing CVs for inappropriate applicants.


At Blue Sky People, we work with NHS and Private practices throughout the whole of the UK, some British overseas Territories as well as with select clients in the UAE and Australia. Every client is recruiting for different attributes and skills depending on the demographics of their own client base so not every dentist is a fit for a specific job.


While we advertise our roles extensively through our own website, via Dental Jobs Group and occasionally through sites such as BDJ Jobs, where we are perhaps slightly different is that many of our jobs are filled without any external advertising.


We frequently find talent through our own database of CVs or networks of contacts, dentists we might have known for many years who are looking for occasional locum work or dentists who we’ve met previously at events such as the BDA conference, who’ve registered their interest in prospective opportunities and who we’ll contact directly when such an opportunity arises.


Sometimes the ideal or dream job doesn’t seem to be out there when you’re actively looking, but if we know what you’re after and we’ve got you registered with us, we can always let you know the minute something crops up to suit you. In fact, quite often we work with specific dentists or specialists who are looking for a particular opening or perhaps are re-locating – talking to our existing clients to see what sort of opportunities they might be able to create for talented and motivated professionals. Brilliant practices will often find space for terrific dentists and specialists where the business case is compelling.


See you at the BDA.