Robyn Vogels Interview

Robyn Vogels Interview

In this video between Paul Holborn, director of Blue Sky People, the dental recruitment experts, and Robyn Vogels, the owner of Personnel Relocations based in Melbourne, Australia, and the author of the book “Your DIY Move Guide to Australia”, Paul and Robyn discuss the intricacies of relocating to Australia.

Paul Holborn shares his extensive experience in recruiting dentists and relocating them to Australia and New Zealand. He discusses the concept and myth-busting around moving and working in Australia, with the intention of providing accurate and factual information to help people make informed decisions about emigration.

Robyn Vogels introduces herself as a relocation expert with a wide range of experience, having lived in the UK, Singapore, France, and South Africa.

A significant part of the discussion revolves around the job market for dentists in Australia. Paul confirms that there is a skill shortage in Australia at the moment, creating a high demand for dentists. However, dentists typically target urban areas like Melbourne and Sydney, which can be challenging because dentistry is not on the sponsorship skills list, meaning that practices looking to recruit dentists need to be in a “regional” location to meet sponsorship requirements.

The interview also covers aspects of lifestyle and climate in Australia, with the participants noting the variety of climates across the country. They discuss how this can affect decisions on where to live, from the humidity of Brisbane to the more temperate South Australia. Paul Holborn, for instance, expresses a personal preference for a coastal lifestyle​.

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