How Old is too Old?

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How Old is too Old?

At the recent BDIA Dental Showcase in London, we were amazed at how many experienced dentists wondered by the stand commenting “I’m to old to go to Australia now”. Not so! Interestingly, under the current visa rules, there is no upper age limit for dentists looking to go out to live and work in Australia under the 482 Sponsor Visa.

The 482 sponsor visa for dentists requires client sponsorship and the dental job must be in a location outside of the metropolitan areas of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane (Regional). Dentists must have at least 2 years post graduate experience to qualify for a 482 visa, but at the time of writing, no other age limitations apply. The 482 sponsor visa for dentists is valid for only 4 years, hence any dentist over the age of 45 travelling on a 482 Visa, must leave Australia after the 4 years.

Dentists under 45 who have a minimum of 3 years post graduate experience qualify for either a 482 visa or 491/494 visa, both of which are 5 year visa’s with a route to permanent residency.

Right now, we are currently working to relocate a number of highly experienced dentists who are over the age of 60, some having owned and managed their own practices here in the UK.

So, how old is too old? Only you can decide.

If you’re a very experienced dentist and fancy working abroad for 3-4 years during the latter part of your career, we’ll always be pleased to hear from you.