How to stand out in the crowd when recruiting

How to stand out in the crowd when recruiting

How comfortable are you really talking about your dental practice?

Todays dental practices are often modern, well equipped, air conditioned, with digitised surgeries, staffed by experienced, qualified dental nursing and support staff – many of whom benefit from ongoing training and development well beyond the minimum expected for their CPD cycle.

When advertising for staff, particularly for Associate Dentists, practices frequently have a fantastic story to tell about their working environment, the contract on offer, access to great labs and materials. But like the majority of dental business out there, the job specs which are being advertised all tend to blur in to one another.

With huge numbers of associate jobs being advertised across the web, significant numbers of jobs are simply ignored as the pattern is so familiar. Even if the job spec is highly detailed (which many aren’t).

With more graduates coming out of our dental schools, surely that should have had some bearing on a practice’s ability to recruit high calibre, enthusiastic associates – even if they are less experienced?

And yet, vast numbers of jobs are simply being ignored by younger dentists in rural or semi-rural locations in favour of city or town based opportunities. Someone even told me recently that a practice was “too far away” for them to consider. As it was only 25 miles from their home address, what they really meant was it was “too far out of town”.

Where we believe you can significantly improve your chances of recruiting the right people, is to spend some time communicating what your practice really has to offer. And we don’t mean how many UDA’s or the new digital x-ray system.

Where is the practice? Is it close to a train station, making it easy for people to use public transport for their daily commute.

Are you surrounded by coffee shops and other local amenities. What about the people who already work at the practice? Do they get on with each other socially and organize any out of work activities (for example – one of our clients actually has a 5 a side football team that plays).

Do you attend international conferences and reward your staff by taking them along?

Is the annual staff bbq or Christmas do well attended because you’re such a great place to work.

It may all sound trivial, but some thought given to who you are as a group of people and the community in which your practice thrives, could – if accurately described – be the difference between you hiring your next associate or not.