How to buy time in an interview

How to buy time in an interview

That’s a really interesting question!

Everyone who’s ever been for an interview (particularly for a job they really want to win) will have been on the receiving end of the tricky question.

Sometimes, it’s a question out of left field or one you simply didn’t prepare for, however well researched and rehearsed you are.

This is where many people start to panic. But don’t, there’s no reason for you to break out in a cold sweat just yet.

Simply buy yourself a few seconds of thinking time by replying something along the lines of “that is a really interesting question” (if you were offered a glass of water before the interview, now is a good time to take a sip – to give yourself even more time to compose yourself).

Buying the time to think for few moments during an interview, is less likely to result in a waffle, so as much as you do your research and prepare for your next interview do give some thought to techniques you can use to manage the pace of an interview and give yourself time to think.