Is the Dynamic Dental Recruitment Market Set to Continue?

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Is the Dynamic Dental Recruitment Market Set to Continue?

Happy New Year!

As I write this post on the 4th of January 2018, we’re just about to put the first week of the New Year behind us.

Recruitment demand from our group and independent clients in late 2017 reached unprecedented levels and seemingly 2018 looks to be another busy year.

Demand for Associate Dentists across NHS, Mixed and Private practices is increasing and there are genuine opportunities out there for dentists, whatever flavor of dentistry appeals.

We are seeing increasingly strong demand from private practices, actively looking to seek out those clinicians who’ve invested in their post graduate qualifications and clinical skills. We are seeing significant numbers of well managed, independently owned private/plan practices keen to expand and looking to recruit highly qualified clinicians with a pragmatic approach and excellent interpersonal skills.

While independent and group NHS practices often struggle to attract appropriately skilled dentists through the likes of BDJ Jobs, private practices are also finding it increasingly difficult to identify talent among the myriad of corporate adverts littering the internet.

Demand also remains high for Practice Management and Dental Nursing staff, particularly those who have undertaken professional studies or extended duties training, combined with great customer facing and communication skills.

The dental supply chain continues to see strong performance and we are regularly recruiting terrific career development roles in sales & marketing, training and clinical support up to Director Level.

For those dental professionals who are looking to explore career opportunities within the dental sector, but away from clinical dentistry, there are a wide variety of career options out there for individuals who demonstrate strong leadership, training/mentoring or commercial skills.

All in all, it looks like we are set for another busy but challenging year across the dental sector and whatever your views on the sate of UK dentistry, there is no denying it is a very dynamic market at present.

All the Best for 2018