Innovations in Dental Recruitment

Dental recruitmaent and innovation at Blue Sky People in UK Australia and New Zealand

Innovations in Dental Recruitment

Dentistry in the UK has is often referred to as being a traditional sector. In days gone by many associates found their jobs through word of mouth (and some still do) an adage that “it’s not what you know, but who you know” probably rang true.

Today however, the landscape is changing rapidly. With corporate or multi-practice group dentistry, modern high tech private dentistry and advancing clinical techniques and materials, the sector is innovating rapidly.

This is the case in dental recruitment terms as well as the traditional Assistant – Associate – Partner – Principal career route has been replaced with a myriad of opportunities for career path – whether in public sector dentistry, NHS or Mixed or Private practice – group or independent.

Getting to know our clients here at Blue Sky People is at the heart of what we do and nowadays we work ever closer with our key clients to develop creative and innovative approaches to their recruitment. Whether that is creating Social Media campaigns, Web Pages for current and potential employees (as well as their traditional patient websites) or simply encouraging the use of Skype/Whatsapp video calls for the first phases of any interview process.

Gone are the days of practices being able to pop a 3-4 line advert on BDJJobs and screening through the responses. In the current climate practices are having to “sell” their jobs and practice, offering up a broad range of information to capture interest from potential applicants. What if those ideal applicants aren’t even looking? With so few active candidates looking for Associate jobs, how do you reach those who aren’t searching you out?

The majority of our clients have got an interesting story to tell and across our established advertising platforms, increasing knowledge of candidate attraction through multiple social media platforms, combined with our traditional interpersonal skills – we are in the people business after all – we can help get that story out there.

Through general industry modernisation – younger dentists in particular expect to work in a computerised setting with the likes of Digital X-Ray and Rotary Endo as standard. As such, one practice setting is much like any other, increasing the importance of what else you have to offer as an employer of choice.

If you’re looking for an innovative dental recruitment partner to help you get your message out there, whether it is a one off job or multiple posts across different practices, we’re always pleased to talk to clients with a compelling story to tell.