Spreading the Cost of your Dental Recruitment

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Spreading the Cost of your Dental Recruitment

While we have worked with hundreds of dental clients across the UK over the years, many dental practices engage a recruitment consultancy reluctantly, often having already tried to recruit themselves.

To a degree, it is understandable. If you have a really attractive offering and are able to put together a nice job spec, why not advertise the opportunity and recruit directly.

In today’s competitive climate, the problem is that whether you are recruiting an Associate, Specialist Dentist, Business Manager or Dental Nurse for your team, the very best candidates for your job may not be actively looking. It is all very well posting a wonderful job description on a specialist or even generalist job board, but if the right people aren’t even looking, they’re never going to find it.

But like any form of DIY, it’s got to be cheaper hasn’t it?

When you advertise directly, you are bound to save money right? Well, even if you get a great response to your adverts, if you actually look at the hours invested in screening CV’s, interviewing poor quality candidates (or even the right ones and offering them the job – only for them to accept a post elsewhere) you can burn through dozens of hours you could be spending elsewhere in your business or away from work with friends and family.

When you engage a recruitment agency, you pay no up front costs. All of the advertising they undertake is at their own cost and risk and engagement fees are only payable once any candidate starts work with you. Most agents have 14-28 day payment terms and offer rebate terms during any probation period. In our case, we also offer to replace any candidate free of charge in the first instance, if a placement hasn’t worked out.

In 2017, we became the only Dental Recruiters to offer our clients up to 10 Months Interest Free Finance on any placement fees – backed by one of the best known names in UK Healthcare Finance – and giving our clients a chance to spread the cost of their recruitment fees.dental recruitment company uk

While it may still be worth advertising your dental jobs directly, partnering with a dental recruitment specialist could prove more cost effective than you think.

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