Why the best people don’t apply to your adverts!

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Why the best people don’t apply to your adverts!

There’s not doubting that despite the chaos of Brexit, unemployment is at historic lows in the UK and highly skilled workers are in seriously short supply.

Dentistry and the healthcare sector in particular is very seriously impacted with a perfect storm of fewer dental graduates than the market requires, large numbers of dentists born through the baby boom rapidly reaching retirement age (or choosing to retire early). This combined with little interest from European qualified dentists who feel less than welcome in a post Brexit Britain and with no perceived financial incentive (the Pound having dropped from nearly 1.4 Euro’s to close to 1 Euro’s to the Pound).

Traditionally sticking an advert on BDJ Jobs yielded applications a plenty from both UK and international graduates with practices able to select from a number of dentists who may be interested in their practice.

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Rural practices have always taken longer to fill their vacancies, but the last 18 months has seen increasing numbers of practices in more urban locations also struggling to recruit quality candidates.

With competition from industry consolidation with the larger corporates and mid sized groups operating standard digital equipment and clean, modern branding and décor across their practices, independent practices operating with Associate dentists have typically had to modernise and upgrade as well. As such, adverts within the BDJ are typically highlighting set UDA value contracts, standard hours, with most offering digital equipment including digital x-ray, SOE/R4/S4D or other comparable software, along with rotary endo, intra-oral camera’s etc.

With a degree of standardisation across the industry, associate dentists expectations are also set and it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd.

The upper end of the market is also being impacted. With greater take up of cosmetic and restorative dentistry from patients, specialist referral practices along with high quality private practices offering cosmetic treatment options are often struggling to recruit clinicians to keep up with increased demand. We are regularly working with clients to recruit Dentists specialising in implant placements, Prosthodontists, Orthodontists and Periodontists in particular.

In these situations, advertising simply doesn’t cut it. Fewer dentists are searching for job opportunities at a time when BDJ Jobs alone carries close to 2000 jobs daily on their website.

With close to 20,000 registered dental professionals on our books, extensive social media reach and a dedicated research team, Blue Sky People works closely with our clients to identify high calibre clinicians and take the opportunities to them. By presenting a targeted message about specific opportunities which might fit their career development needs, we attract the attention of people who simply aren’t out there searching for jobs.

To find out more about how Blue Sky People can help you target the right candidates please call us on +44 (0) 1491 845511.