Registered Nurse – Residential Aged Care

Registered Nurse – Residential Aged Care

Why talk to us? With over 15 years recruiting over 700 healthcare professionals to live and work in Australia, our nationwide client base provides us with access to a network of jobs in over 70 locations throughout Australia. 

Our team operates from the UK and Australia, providing full support and advice from visa application to full family moves and relocations, with expert partners able to help you with all aspects of the move.  

Our client has several opportunities for Registered Nurses throughout Queensland and New South Wales within their high quality Residential Aged Care settings. 

We are looking for experienced nurses with flexibility to work shift patterns with premium rates paid for evenings, weekends and unmanaged shifts. 

Various visa options are available and we understand that everyone’s circumstances are different, hence our advice is tailored to your own situation and specific needs. 

We are happy to work alongside your existing migration agents or we can refer you to a number of highly experienced migration agents, to ensure you are provided with appropriate advice.

We offer a free Zoom consultation to discuss your plans and interests in strict confidence, with no obligation to take things further. Our clients are regularly in the UK meeting GP’s, Nurses, Dentists and other healthcare professionals, providing advice and information to anyone interested in making the move. 

Please contact us for more information on living and working in Australia and to book your free Zoom consultation.