Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Our clients pride themselves on offering patients a lifetime of holistic care and provide millions of patient consultations annually across all Australian states. 

Our clients focus on driving health care plans for the local communities in which they operate. The Advanced Nurse Practitioners will have responsibility for driving localised provision or services reducing the need for hospital access. 

You will be working from purpose built medical facilities delivering multi-disciplinary healthcare services across General Practice and Urgent Care. 

The Role

  • Responsible for telephone triaging and assessing need for face to face appointments.

  • Act as an autonomous clinician and take responsibility for the assessment, treatment plan and/or to appropriately refer patients to specialist services as required.

  • Be compliant with the required Professional Conduct and any associated national guidelines and abide by their guidance.

  • Take a comprehensive patient history, carry out physical examinations and use expert knowledge and clinical judgement to identify the potential diagnosis.

  • Refer patients for investigations and/or the appropriate specialist where appropriate. 

  • Independently decide on and carry out treatment, including the prescribing of medicines.

  • Make onward referrals to other services as appropriate.

  • Ensure the provision of continuity of care.

  • Work independently and as part of a local and wider healthcare team.

  • Provide leadership to the wider team and make sure that each patient’s treatment and care is based on best practice. 

Along with a proven record of acting as a registered nurse /paramedic practitioner / urgent care practitioner you will have acted autonomously and responsibly for the assessment, treatment and referral of patients to specialist services when required. 

These roles are particularly suited to an autonomous clinician with a proven track record of delivering high quality care within the Primary Care setting with experience in dealing with a wide range of minor ailments.

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