Can a lack of social media presence reflect on recruitment?

Can a lack of social media presence reflect on recruitment?

There is absolutely no doubt that social media is having a dramatic effect on how people do business. Consumer led FMCG businesses are now spending hundreds of millions on managing their social media campaigns and often have dedicated recruitment teams using social media to identify potential hires.

Even within the dental sector here in the UK dental practices are fast appreciating the need for a high quality on-line presence and better still are also working hard to create a relevant and positive social media presence.

Those practices that are spending time thinking about creating a social media space for their business are generally focusing on keeping or attracting new clients/patients and creating an opportunity to engage more freely with their existing client base.

But, there are many practices out there with a stable patient base of good loyal customers who regularly turn up for their check-ups and hence see little or no reason to devote time to create an on-line or social media presence.

From a patient acquisition perspective, that is all well and good, but if you’re looking for staff due to expansion or just natural turnover, a lack of on-line or social media presence could well be the reason that you are struggling to recruit.

When talking to candidates about opportunities, the first question we’re asked is who and where the practice is. The most proactive and motivated candidates will do their own research, quickly looking for the practice website as well as for reviews on sites like NHS Choices.


If they find little or no presence on-line, average or poor reviews with no follow up from the practice or a poor or outdated website you’ll quickly find them withdrawing from the process. On-line, first impressions still count.

If you want to attract talented and motivated staff to your practice, there needs to be something in it for them. Yes, salaries are important and will generally be a considered factor in the decision making process, but if your social media or on-line presence isn’t up to scratch – you’re unlikely to get to as far as discussing salaries with the best people out there. They’ll create an opinion of your practice/business well before the interview process.

But what about using social media to advertise positions and recruit? There is no doubt you can reach a wide audience with clever targeted advertising, but you can also become inundated with responses and therein lies the problem. How do you start to identify the right candidates? One of primary reasons our clients list for having ceased to advertise directly is the sometimes overwhelming response levels – combined with frustratingly poor quality.

While your business should have a suitable on-line presence, recruitment agencies are generally the experts in recruiting through social media. As such you may be better to recruit key positions through an agency or via more traditional direct recruitment methods.

If you would like to talk to us at Blue Sky People about how to recruit for a key position within your dental practice then do call or email and we can help start 2016 with less overwhelm and more direction.