Be Brilliant When You Market

Be Brilliant When You Market


A month ago, we received a marketing email from a company specializing in marketing. My initial reaction was to delete the email as spam marketing, but having read it in more detail I was actually quite interested in what this particular marketing firm had to offer.


I duly replied to their email and also left a brief message on their answer service suggesting I would be interested in a more detailed conversation – particularly as their MD was in the area the following week.


A month later and nothing! No response at all. No phone call, not even a courtesy email to suggest they’d been “overwhelmed by the positive response” (or similar marketing speak) and would get back to me soon.


Day to day many small businesses and dental practices in particular do exactly the same thing. Spend time, effort, and money on marketing their business or services, promoting themselves on Google with SEO, or Adwords with very little thought given to how they might actually handle new enquiries or monitor their return on investment (ROI).


Often their reception and admin teams aren’t aware the practice has adverts or promotions running, are not able to appropriately handle calls and enquiries and very often don’t convert the enquiry in to revenue as a result.


More and more we’re being asked to recruit customer service management or business management professionals for our dental practice clients as they realise the merits of moving away from a patient centric to a customer/consumer led approach.


There are thousands of talented practice managers within dentistry, however very few have customer service or management training and in modern dentistry many are now expected to be marketing experts and social media gurus with little or no training and support. Thankfully there are some great businesses out there specialising in the dental sector who can help, whether you are after a comprehensive business support through Rose & Co or simply want some fresh training through the likes of NBS Training.


Whilst there are literally dozens of marketing companies who’ll gladly take your money to put together an attractive and eye catching campaign for your practice, before you look to attract more clients – or share a promotion, you should give some thought to whether your team is appropriately geared to handle a positive response.


The particular marketing company we were keen to do business with clearly weren’t prepared at all. But by making sure you’re geared for a positive response to any practice marketing campaigns – you can deliver that brilliant first impression which can, and often does lead to long standing customer loyalty.