Aren’t all dental recruitment agencies just recruiting for corporates?

Aren’t all dental recruitment agencies just recruiting for corporates?

It is a common misconception that using a recruitment agent to recruit – is exclusively for the larger dental groups. In fact the larger corporates now have substantial recruitment and HR resources in house and in some cases are actually targeted not to use external suppliers.


Here at Blue Sky People we actually work with a very diverse client base from specialist referral practices, through to mid size multi-practice groups offering extensively NHS dentistry.




Some current clients include small single surgery private practices with an exclusive clientele in London’s prime locations, to 2-3 surgery NHS practices from Aberdeen to Penzance. We even have clients in the Cayman Islands, Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey and Shetlands.


Clients retain Blue Sky People to recruit business critical roles for any number of reasons including speed and discretion but by far the most specified reasoning behind retaining us for an agency search is time!


So many dental businesses are held back from hitting their peak performance due to a lack of time on the part of the owners or business managers – to invest properly in to the recruitment process. Frequently they lack the time to invest in putting together an accurate job description and practice profile in the first place. And, when they do get around to advertising, they often lack the time to devote to screening through applicants and getting them in for interviews in a timely fashion.


If someone is applying for a job you have advertised, rest assured that they fall in to the “active jobseeker” category. If that is the case, they’re not just applying to work at your practice, they’re applying for other jobs as well. If you don’t get back to the best candidates quickly someone else will.

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Additionally, practices often run and re-run adverts across Indeed, Gumtree, and other platforms on numerous occasions and at increasing cost, before realising it is proving ineffective.


Recruitment cost is the barrier most often put up by dental business owners for not using an agency to recruit, but unless you specifically engage an agency to undertake a retained search, fees are only applicable if they successfully recruit a dentist, hygienist, therapist, practice manager or dental nurse for your business. All of the advertising costs and most importantly – the time spent on searching & screening for suitable candidates – is borne by the agency.


Where practice owners and their business managers truly value their time – the case for using a well respected, specialist dental recruiter is often easy to make.


If you would like more information on how to recruit a suitable candidate for your dental team please contact me either via email or call 01491 845511.


Paul Holborn