New job opportunities for Advanced Nurse Practitioners in Australia

New job opportunities for Advanced Nurse Practitioners in Australia

New job opportunities for Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANP’s) in newly commissioned Urgent Care Centres in Australia.

Nurse Practitioners (known as ANP’s in the UK) play an important role in the healthcare system in Australia with additional education and training that allows them to take on more responsibilities in patient care.

Roles can vary depending from state to state and across specialised care, however as a general rule, specific duties of nurse practitioners in Australia will usually include:

  • Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Prescribing Medications
  • Management of Chronic Conditions (CDM)
  • Providing Specialist Care
  • Patient Education
  • Collaboration with Allied Healthcare Professionals
  • Advocacy and Health Promotion

In some instances we know that Nurse Practitioners are still not deployed to the fullest extent of their skills in the Australian healthcare system, in part due to a lack of understanding of the improved efficiencies NP’s offer, but also due to how healthcare services are funded across Australia.

Why things are about to change
Our client is an established healthcare provider delivering community based healthcare from over 80 locations nationwide and across all states.

With funding to open new Urgent Care Centres (UCC’s) initially across 15 sites, they are recruiting Nurse Practitioners to join their team and help establish a framework for best practice in each location. Working within a newly commissioned service, the incoming Nurse Practitioners will be at the forefront of patient care using their experience and knowledge to deliver exceptional care where it is needed most.

This offers a great opportunity for experienced ANP’s to put their knowledge and experience to good use while also benefitting from the very best that the Australian lifestyle and climate has to offer.

Longer term, our hope is that the value of deploying NP’s is increasingly recognised by the entire healthcare system in Australia, but in the medium term, we believe that these opportunities in Urgent Care offer terrific career opportunities for UK Qualified ANP’s keen on a move to Australia.

Please don’t hesitate to book a consultation with our experienced recruiters if you’d like to find out more.