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I read a nice post on Linkedin by Chris Anders of Albior Financial Recruitment today and it really struck a cord with some discussions we had with one of our clients.


Chris had contacted a candidate about a great career advancement opportunity – fully expecting the candidate to jump at the chance to be considered. The candidate however declined the opportunity as they felt that they had “already reached the top”. In Chris’s own words “He wasn’t anywhere near the top, he would have needed binoculars to see the top”.


Confused, Chris wanted more information. They had realised that the work-life balance they had achieved, in combination with the flexibility and salary offered by their current job was exactly what they wanted. Any career advancement would compromise on time with their family away from work.


As dental recruiters, we’re often pushing a dynamic job spec, with promises of training and further development, opportunities to move away from clinical dentistry in to a management or mentoring role.


The client I had been talking to is able to offer exactly that sort of development opportunity to dentists keen to continue their professional development. But it’s here where the conversation changed course and struck a particular chord with Chris’s recent post. My client reflected that they were also eager to recruit dentists and other staff, who enjoyed clinical dentistry, but also wanted to achieve a better work-life balance as well.


Whether part or full time, flexible bank working, semi-retired or just keen to avoid a UDA target driven role, my client felt that there was space in their team for dentists at all stages of their career.


As Chris states in his post, everyone’s definition of  “making it to the top”  is different. Whether dentists are still striving to get there, have a long term career development goal, have visited or got close to the top and decided the view was better from part of the way up, there are still some great opportunities out there for dentists.


Luckily for them, my client has practices in wonderful locations throughout Cornwall which offers great schooling for children, lovely surf, fantastic walks and other wonderful outlets – including playing host to some of the best chef’s and restaurants the UK has to offer.


Wherever you are in your Dental career journey to your version of “the top”, we’d be pleased to hear from you.




Since 2007 Blue Sky People – along with our Australian based partners – have placed dozens of UK qualified dentists with a range of clients throughout  Australia.

Over the years, the number of Australian healthcare graduates- including dentists – has not kept pace with demand and even with several new dental schools now producing new graduates, the demand for skilled dentists remains, despite dentistry being removed from the visa skills list.

Historically we have focused our efforts on placing dentists with practices throughout coastal Queensland and New South Wales with the regional population growth resulting in increasing demand for dentistry provision – and great lifestyle benefits.

Opportunities for UK qualified dentists to secure work and associated visa sponsorship in the Melbourne and Sydney have been minimal with dentists only really being able to compete for jobs in city locations once they have secured permanent residency status and gained further clinical experience in Australia.

This could be about to change though. Working closely with one of our existing clients, Blue Sky People can now offer a number of terrific opportunities in modern, high tech practices throughout the Sydney catchment.

We are looking to recruit experienced UK qualified dentists with excellent clinical and interpersonal skills for a number of new openings throughout the Sydney area.

Ideal candidates would be interested in re-locating in late 2017 or early 2018 with a view to a minimum 2 year commitment and ideally with the long term ambition to apply for permanent residency status.

Our client is looking for clinicians who are confident in their ability to deliver high quality general dentistry but who are keen to continue to improve their clinical skills.

In the 10 years that we have be working with UK qualified dentists relocating to Australia – we have rarely been able to offer 457 sponsorship opportunities in the Sydney area. This really is a unique opportunity for dentists who are keen to consider a professional career in one of the most sought after city locations in the world.

The team from Blue Sky People will be on stand at the Dentistry Show on 12th and 13th May 2017 as well as at the BDA Conference and Exhibition on 25th – 27th May.

Come and see us to find out more about this great opportunity.